5 ways Company Searches Made Simple can help your business

Why use Company Searches Made Simple? Here’s 5 reasons.

Why should you use Company Searches Made Simple? Well here’s five (of many) ways we can help your business:

To protect yourself if you’re looking to go into business with business partners or suppliers

Doing research on potential partners or suppliers is absolutely vital – especially for vulnerable smaller businesses where one slip-up can be damaging. A company credit report will help you pinpoint problem areas that should cause you concern.

Keep informed with your company’s credit rating

How do others see your business? Stay a step ahead and buy a company credit report to find out.

Monitor your competition

If you set up a company tracker against another company, you’ll be notified whenever said company files something with Companies House; appointments, resignations, annual returns, annual accounts and more.

Combat fraud

Similarly, set up a company tracker against your own company and you’ll be notified if someone is trying to make changes to your company, allowing you to act swiftly in notifying Companies House.

Get copies of lost company documents

Lost your Certificate of Incorporation? Misplaced your Memorandum and Articles? Accidentally shredded your recently filed Annual Return? Don’t worry, we can provide you with copies.

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