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Check yourself before someone wrecks… your business

Credit check

We provide a number of services that help you do better business. The primary function of these services is to allow you to check up on who you’re doing business with, helping you make educated decisions on who you should and shouldn’t work with. But all of our services also have a secondary function: Continue reading

What do credit check companies say about your business?

What do your company accounts say to others?

If someone were to take a look at your company accounts, a service Company Search MadeSimple is able to provide very quickly and easily, what would they think? It’s a difficult thing to get an unbiased or objective assessment of your company, but undertaking a company search provides a balanced and reasoned view – an invaluable asset. Continue reading

I’ve purchased a Company Credit Report – why are the accounts out of date?

The accounts section of your Company Credit Report may seem out of date; in this blog post we look at why.

A limited company does not need to file its first set of accounts until 21 months after incorporation (if accounts are filed any later Companies House will issue a penalty) – these accounts would normally cover from the date of incorporation up until the accounting reference date (this is automatically set as the last day of the month that the company was formed in).

For example, if a company was formed on 10/01/2014, the accounts would be due on 10/10/15 and should cover from 10/01/14 up to 31/01/15. The following accounts are then due 9 months after the accounting reference date.

Because of this, when you purchase a Company Credit Report, the accounts may appear out of date, when in fact this is just because accounts are filed to Companies House months in arrears to the period that they are covering. It is also possible that the company has simply not filed a recent set of accounts yet – you can check the date that the last accounts were filed on the “Base Information” page of the report:

If you have any questions about our Company Credit Reports, you may find our dedicated FAQs useful.

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5 ways Company Searches Made Simple can help your business

Why use Company Searches Made Simple? Here’s 5 reasons.

Why should you use Company Searches Made Simple? Well here’s five (of many) ways we can help your business:

To protect yourself if you’re looking to go into business with business partners or suppliers

Doing research on potential partners or suppliers is absolutely vital – especially for vulnerable smaller businesses where one slip-up can be damaging. A company credit report will help you pinpoint problem areas that should cause you concern.

Keep informed with your company’s credit rating

How do others see your business? Stay a step ahead and buy a company credit report to find out.

Monitor your competition

If you set up a company tracker against another company, you’ll be notified whenever said company files something with Companies House; appointments, resignations, annual returns, annual accounts and more.

Combat fraud

Similarly, set up a company tracker against your own company and you’ll be notified if someone is trying to make changes to your company, allowing you to act swiftly in notifying Companies House.

Get copies of lost company documents

Lost your Certificate of Incorporation? Misplaced your Memorandum and Articles? Accidentally shredded your recently filed Annual Return? Don’t worry, we can provide you with copies.

For more information about our services, take a look here: Products & Pricing

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Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone when you buy a service

You’ve nothing to worry about when you buy a Company Searches Made Simple service

All the searches and purchases that you make through our system are between you and us. The companies and directors that you’re looking into will never find out that you bought a service about them. It’s completely anonymous and confidential.

It’s as simple as that.

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Peter’s End of Season Football Credit Report

Peter; football pundit / company credit report expert

Another Premier League season is over. Sigh. To fill the football void between now and the Champions League final (and then the World Cup!), Peter has decided to give us a Premier League review with a company credit report spin.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this special football/credit report. We’ll be running through a selection of unnamed teams assessing how the last year has gone for them and the effect on their (pretend!) credit scores. You then need to guess what team I’m talking about! Let’s get started…

What team is this?

1. This team’s season started with a bang as a new manager got points on the board when the new accounts were filed. Unfortunately this turned out to be a red herring as the accounts turned up high levels of debt accrued by irresponsible American investors and the manager was left with egg on his face – which would eventually lead to his dismissal. Continue reading

5 top tips on how to improve your company’s credit rating

Your company’s credit rating impacts upon how others see your business

Credit ratings are a representation of how financially stable your company is, what’s great though is that you have the power to control your company’s creditworthiness. Once you have understood what factors affect your credit rating, you can then work on improving it. To get started, follow these top 5 tips:

Be on time

Ensure that you pay all your bills to the agreed terms with suppliers, credit card providers, banks etc. If you are a limited company, it is very important that you file your accounts on time with Companies House. Continue reading

3 Common Questions – Video Blog

In this video blog I take a look at three of the most common issues that we come across:

• I’ve bought a company report but there appears to be some account information missing.

• I’ve bought a director report but it’s not showing all the director’s companies in the directorships field.

• I’ve bought a director report but now I can’t find it.

Watch the video now for our responses.


Remember, if you do have any questions regarding our services, take a look at our FAQs or contact us.

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What’s the Group Structure?

Viewing a company’s Group Structure is a great way to see the bigger picture

Our Fully Comprehensive company credit reports have an area dedicated to the company ‘Group Structure’ – but what is this?

The Group Structure defines ownership of different companies when they hold shares in each other. For example, if Company A held shares in Company B, Company B would appear in Company A’s Group Structure along with the date of its last set of accounts.

What’s more, to build a bigger picture, you can click on the company name from the Group Structure and proceed to purchase a report on that company.

If a company does have a Group Structure, this information can be found in the final tab of our Fully Comprehensive company credit reports.

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What factors affect your company’s credit ratings?

What impacts upon your company’s credit rating?

Your credit rating is an important part of maintaining and managing your company’s financial health. However, is it enough to sustain this by just knowing your credit rating? Well, it is also important to understand how it is calculated and the key factors which influence the calculation process.

There is no universal credit rating system, but rather, a system specific to each individual credit rating agency. The rating is based on a company’s overall credit history and is calculated using a complex algorithm, which takes into account a huge number of variables. Continue reading