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I’ve been notified about a change in a company – but my Company Credit Report hasn’t changed

If you have a Company Tracker service set up, we’ll notify you when your tracked limited company makes a change. This could be anything from the company changing its registered office right up to new shares being added to the company (and quite a bit in between). Continue reading

5 ways Company Searches Made Simple can help your business

Why use Company Searches Made Simple? Here’s 5 reasons.

Why should you use Company Searches Made Simple? Well here’s five (of many) ways we can help your business:

To protect yourself if you’re looking to go into business with business partners or suppliers

Doing research on potential partners or suppliers is absolutely vital – especially for vulnerable smaller businesses where one slip-up can be damaging. A company credit report will help you pinpoint problem areas that should cause you concern.

Keep informed with your company’s credit rating

How do others see your business? Stay a step ahead and buy a company credit report to find out.

Monitor your competition

If you set up a company tracker against another company, you’ll be notified whenever said company files something with Companies House; appointments, resignations, annual returns, annual accounts and more.

Combat fraud

Similarly, set up a company tracker against your own company and you’ll be notified if someone is trying to make changes to your company, allowing you to act swiftly in notifying Companies House.

Get copies of lost company documents

Lost your Certificate of Incorporation? Misplaced your Memorandum and Articles? Accidentally shredded your recently filed Annual Return? Don’t worry, we can provide you with copies.

For more information about our services, take a look here: Products & Pricing

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Don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone when you buy a service

You’ve nothing to worry about when you buy a Company Searches Made Simple service

All the searches and purchases that you make through our system are between you and us. The companies and directors that you’re looking into will never find out that you bought a service about them. It’s completely anonymous and confidential.

It’s as simple as that.

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If a change happens within a company, how long until I can buy an updated company credit report?

How long does it take for a change to be reflected in a report?

As we’ve previously blogged about, company reports are not “live”. Once they’ve been purchased they remain static. If a change does occur to a company (our Company Tracker service notifies you in such instances!) and you would like to purchase an updated company credit report, we recommend waiting roughly 3 days from the change.

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Do Company Credit Reports Change?

Once purchased, Company Credit Reports are static.

In a word; no. Company credit reports do not change. The reports available on Company Searches Made Simple are correct and up-to-date up to the point that they’re purchased – they are then static.

For example, if you bought a standard credit or fully comprehensive company report now, and a director of that company resigned tomorrow, the report would still state that the director is a current director. However, if you were to buy another report tomorrow, the new report would be updated.

This is the exact reason why we give our company credit reports a one year shelf life (they are then removed from your account), otherwise your account would eventually include reports that are out-of-date.

We can however notify you as and when changes are made to companies via our company tracker service. You then know that an updated version of a company report is available.

See here for more information on our company credit reports and company tracker services.

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I just bought a report – where is it?

Once purchased, all reports (company and director) and documents are delivered straight to your online account. They are not delivered by email. Our only services that involve receiving email are the Company Tracker and Lifetime Company Tracker.

To view reports and documents after you have purchased them, simply login and then select the relevant box from your account:

You’ll then be presented with a list of all your purchased reports or documents (depending on what you selected) which you can then open.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Company Trackers, Lifetime Company Trackers & Valid Email Addresses

Are you using an email address that is checked regularly?

If you set up a company tracker (the standard tracker is £2.50 plus VAT, the lifetime tracker is £4.95 plus VAT), we’ll send an email alert whenever your tracked limited company makes a change with Companies House; this could be anything from filing an annual return to resigning a director.

For company trackers to run correctly, it’s vital that your account is set up with a valid email address that is checked regularly. Otherwise the alerts will go unnoticed.

To check/change your account’s email address:

Login > My Details > Email > Save

Comment if you have any questions!

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