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How do the Subscription Packages work?

Subscriptions Packages are ideal for any Company Searches Made Simple customers who purchase multiple company credit reports or director reports over a monthly / yearly period.

Here’s how it works…

We add a set number of credits to your account; these must then be used within a set period of time (monthly or yearly depending on the package).

1 credit = 1 product

This could mean:

• 1 Fully Comprehensive Company Report
• 1 Director Report
• 1 Company Document
• 1 Lifetime Company Tracker

It’s totally up you. The only thing that you can’t spend your credits on is another Subscription Package!

Pricing and Packaging:

For more information take a look at our dedicated Subscription Packages page.

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What they are saying about Company Searches Made Simple on Feefo (10th-17th January)

Feefo is a ‘customer review and feedback system for service and products’. After a purchase is made on any of our sites (Companies Made Simple, London Presence, Business Training Made Simple and here on Company Searches Made Simple), we ask our customers to anonymously give us a rating and review. We then have the opportunity to respond to the review. Ultimately we use these reviews to tailor our service.

At the moment all reviews are accessible directly from Feefo, and now we’re going to start publishing the most recent Company Seraches Made Simple reviews (positive and negative) here on the blog too.

First up, here’s the ratings guide:




And now the reviews:

Finally, our overall rating for the last 6 months:






We’ll publish more reviews in the coming weeks!

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How to switch your Company Trackers On & Off

Company trackers are great for monitoring your competitors (and protecting your own company against fraud).

Here’s how they work…

We email you whenever the tracked company files something with Companies House. This could be a director resignation, a change in registered office, a filing of annual accounts – basically anything that needs to go through Companies House.

To purchase a company tracker (£2.50):

1. Search for the relevant company from our homepage
2. Select View Details next to the correct company
3. Under Company Tracker select Add to Basket
4. Complete the payment process

If you decide that you no longer want to receive the company tracker alert emails, you can switch these off (or back on again) by:

1. Logging in
2. Selecting My Company Tracker
3. Selecting Disable next to any trackers you wish to switch off (to turn a tracker back on again, select Disabled and then select Enable):


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Our Subscription Packages Explained

Subscription packages are designed for our customers who purchase multiple company credit reports (as well as our other company search services) over a monthly or yearly period.

How does it work?

Once purchased, we’ll deliver a set number of credits to your account that must be used up within a certain period of time (monthly or yearly, depending on your chosen package).

1 credit = 1 service

Our monthly subscription packages:

Our yearly subscription packages:

If you would like more information, please see here: Our Subscription Packages

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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So what is a winding up petition?

Good question. It is a court action that is placed against a company (if the court action is successful) by someone who is owed money (a creditor). Petitions will be issued to Companies House if it’s decided that the company will be wound up and eventually dissolved.

Now you know!

Any questions? Get in touch via the comments function.

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How often are Company Reports updated?

A bit of a trick question this week.

Once purchased, our Company Credit Reports are static. Whilst they’re correct at the time of purchase, once in your account they do not change. If a company has made changes after you have purchased the report (you will be notified of such changes with a Company Tracker!), you simply need to purchase another report to see the changes reflected.

How long does it take for changes to be reflected?

It normally takes just a few days for something that has been filed to show up on a company report. Just to reiterate, to see any changes you need to purchase a new report.

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Try before you buy: View samples of our Company Reports

Company Credit Report SamplesWant to know what you’re buying before parting with your cash? Well that’s understandable. It’s for this very reason that we provide samples of all of our Company Credit Reports. This includes:

Snapshot Company Reports
Standard Company Reports
Fully Comprehensive Company Reports
Non Limited Reports
Director Reports

You’ll find the samples dotted throughout the site, but the best place to view them is here:

Products & Pricing

Not only are the samples handy for giving a general idea of what each report looks like, they’re also great for comparing what information is and isn’t included in the report.

Any questions? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Watch your company’s back with a company tracker

Company Credit ReportsNot only are company trackers great for monitoring your competition (we email you when they file something with Companies House), they’re pretty handy when it comes to protecting your own company from fraudulent activity.


Unless your company is signed up for PROOF (this means that Companies House will stop accepting paper forms for your company), all it takes for someone to illegitimately file a document on your company’s behalf is to complete the relevant form and sign it.

Companies House accept documents “on good faith”, therefore if the form has been completed correctly, Companies House are likely to accept it. This means someone could appoint themselves as a director of your company, resign a current appointment or even request a dissolution. Continue reading