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The 7 key figures you need to know when analysing a company credit report

Analysing a company credit report can seem like a daunting exercise. But it doesn’t have to be. Even if some of the numbers are hard to understand or if the data is limited, you don’t have to be a detective to get valuable insights. There are normally enough clues to help you decide whether or not to;

  • Make a purchase or sales decision
  • Lend money
  • Let a property for business purposes
  • Become involved in some other way such as a joint venture

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Understanding company credit reports and company documents

When running a company, you simply must complete checks on the people and companies that you’re going to be doing business with. Likewise, if you’re a consumer and you’re about to part with a significant amount of money, you should really know who you’re giving your hard-earned cash to. It sounds like hyperbole but one false move really can have catastrophic results. Continue reading

What is included in your Company Search Subscription Package?

Subsciption Packages

If you are running your own business it’s important that you:

  • Know your industry (competitors)
  • Know who you’re doing business with (partners, potential partners and suppliers)

Our services allow you to purchase reports and documents that give you financial and personal information on other businesses. To get this information you simply pick up a Company Report, Company Document, Company Tracker (ideal for monitoring your competition) or Director Report from our site as and when you want. But what if you need to complete multiple company searches? Continue reading

How can I remove Company and Director Information from Google (and other search engines)?

How can I remove Company and Director information from search engines?

You can sometimes find company and director information directly from a search engine (such as Google). If your own company or director information can be found this way, and you’d rather it wasn’t displayed, we may be able to help.

If you would like company information removed, please send us:

• Your company name
• Your company number
• Your company page URL (Search for your company name from our homepage > View Details > Copy the URL)

If you would like director information removed, please send us:

• The director’s name
• The director page URL (Search for your director’s name from our homepage > View Details > Copy the URL)

Once we have this we’ll look into having the information removed.

For more information please see our dedicated page:

Removing Company and Director information from search engines

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Company Searches Made Simple: Social Media Minded

like company searches made simpleThe eagle-eyed out there will have noticed a minor update to Company Searches Made Simple; we have added Social Media buttons to the banner of the site!

You can now choose to “like” us on Facebook and “+” us on Google Plus simply by clicking the corresponding button when on the site. What are you waiting for? Click away!

Company Searches Made Simple – Online company credit reports.
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The Company Tracker: Track your own Company

Companies House accept paper documents for limited companies on “good faith”. This means that, unless your company is signed up for the Companies House PROOF scheme, paper documents filed on behalf of your company will most likely be accepted. A variety of changes can be made via paper forms such as officer resignations and appointments, address changes and share changes. Therefore it’s very easy for fraudulent activity to take place; all it takes is for someone to file a bogus form on behalf of your company at Companies House.

As well as signing up for the PROOF scheme, another way to tackle such fraud is to purchase a “Company Tracker” on your own company. This way, whenever a change is made with Companies House to your company, you are notified by email, therefore allowing you to closely monitor your company and deal with any fraudulent activity swiftly.

Our Company Tracker Services

Company Searches Made Simple – Online company credit reports.
Speedy, reliable and competitively priced!

Where do Company Reports go once they’ve been purchased?

your company searches made simple accountAfter you have bought a company report with us, we will send the report straight to your account where it’s available to be downloaded. To view your purchased company reports:

•    Login at Company Searches Made Simple
•    Click “My Company Reports”
•    Here you’ll find all of your valid company reports

Reports will automatically be removed from your account once they have expired.

Company Searches Made Simple – Online company credit reports.
Speedy, reliable and competitively priced!