Switching your FREE update alerts off… and on again

If you set up an update alert against a company we’ll email you whenever that company makes an update with Companies House. This could be a director appointment, registered office update, new shares being added, a confirmation statement being filed – any change that’s made with Companies House, we’ll let you know. Update alerts are a fantastic way to keep tabs on another company, and they’re free to set up! But what if you’re no longer interested in a company and want to turn your alerts off? In this post we’ll show you how to do this.

To switch an update alert off:

1. Login to your Company Search MadeSimple account:

2. Click on ‘My Update Alerts’:

3. Scroll to the relevant alert and select ‘Stop tracking’ – the email alerts will then stop:

And to switch the alert on again:

If you would like to turn an alert back on, follow the above instructions and when at step 3 select the ‘Disabled’ tab – then click ‘Track’ next to the correct alert. You’ll then start receiving emails again.

Would you like to set up a free update alert? Read this blog to find out how.

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