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How do I find a previous company name on a report?

How do I find a previous company name on a report?

Doing background research on a company and interested whether the company was previously known by another name? Rest assured that you are easily able to find what you’re looking for when downloading a company report.

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Your Company Credit Reports no longer expire

Previously, when you purchased a company credit report with us, the report had an expiry date (one year after the purchase date). Once the expiry date passed, the company credit report was automatically removed from your Company Search MadeSimple account. This is not the case anymore. Continue reading

Don’t let your Company Credit Report go stale

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As soon as a company credit report has been bought the information within that report freezes. Even if a report were bought on a Monday and a director resigned on the Tuesday, the report would still show the director as having a role in the company. Continue reading