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How do I find a previous company name on a report?

How do I find a previous company name on a report?

Doing background research on a company and interested whether the company was previously known by another name? Rest assured that you are easily able to find what you’re looking for when downloading a company report.

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The 7 key figures you need to know when analysing a company credit report

Analysing a company credit report can seem like a daunting exercise. But it doesn’t have to be. Even if some of the numbers are hard to understand or if the data is limited, you don’t have to be a detective to get valuable insights. There are normally enough clues to help you decide whether or not to;

  • Make a purchase or sales decision
  • Lend money
  • Let a property for business purposes
  • Become involved in some other way such as a joint venture

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Introducing the 10 company credit report subscription package

Annual Subscription Packages

Do you use company credit reports on a regular basis? Then our Report Subscription packages are ideal. Designed for frequent users of our company credit report services, an annual subscription package can help save you time and money.

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The company accounts information we can provide and how you can get it

Do you need financial information on company accounts UK? We can help. Our ‘UK Company’ credit reports include a huge amount of company account information for just £5.99. In this post we’ll look at the information we provide and where you’ll find it in the report. Continue reading

How to get free company financial information


If you’re ever about to hand over a large amount of cash for a product or service, it’s always wise to do a bit of background checking on the business you’re dealing with first. Likewise, if you run your own business and you’re about to accept a large order, you should check up on the business/individual placing the order to ensure that they can pay. We can help you do this by providing you with free company financial information. In this post we’ll look at how. Continue reading

Company credit check: It’s not just about UK companies

Completing a company credit check is the smart way to get background information on businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether they’re based in the UK or elsewhere. We can provide company credit reports on companies based in: Continue reading

Carrying out a Company Search: What is a Company Document?

Company Search - What are Company Documents?

We all know what a ‘company’ is and what a ‘document’ is, but what is a ‘Company Document’ in the context of the services that we offer at Company Search MadeSimple? In this post we’ll explain what a Company Document is, how one (or many) could help you, and how to go about purchasing one. Continue reading

Radiohead’s companies – What can Company Searches tell us?

Radiohead’s Companies - What can company searches tell us?

Did you know that the band Radiohead like to form a company every time they make an album? This is useful for tax reasons and for making sure everyone in the band is an equal member from a business point of view. This is particularly newsworthy at the moment as guitarist Colin Greenwood was reported to have formed the company ‘Dawn Chorus’, prompting speculation of a new album. Continue reading

Has a Company Director Check confirmed that Idris Elba is the new James Bond?


Just days after Daniel Craig seemingly confirmed his departure from the James Bond franchise by taking on a role in a US television series, we appear to have found his successor – the much favoured Idris Elba. How’ve we done this? By completing a company director search. Let us explain. Continue reading