The 2 ways to locate shareholder information

Are you looking to find out who owns a company? Look no further. We can help you locate shareholder information for every single UK company. Here’s how.

Method 1 – Company Credit Report – Free

Our company credit reports provide you with the following information, for free:

  • Shareholder/s name
  • % of company owned
  • Number of shares held
  • Price per share
  • Total value

To pick up a company credit report:

Method 2 – Company Document – £1.99

You will find the same shareholder information in each of the below documents:

  • New Incorporation documents. (NEWINC)
  • Annual Return (ARO1)
  • Confirmation Statement (CS01)

Shareholders can and often do change. Therefore it’s important that you look at the most recent document. Whilst the ‘New Incorporation documents’ are handy for showing you who a company’s subscribers are (these being shareholders at incorporation), if a company has since filed an annual return or confirmation statement – take a look at the most recent filing for these for the most up to date information (we will be able to tell you when a document was filed).

To purchase a company document:

We hope you find this post helpful. Visit Company Search MadeSimple now for more information on how we can help you gain insight into any business, director and shareholder.

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