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Company Search MadeSimple for better company searches & better business

  • Flexible company searches - get a single report or a package depending on your needs
  • Company search with live updates, get a Company Tracker for notifications of any changes
  • Buy a subscription for a month, or a year, for multiple reports with no setup or cancellation fees
  • Check your credit and the credit of your business partners for better business decisions

The goal of every business is to do better business. It’s a fundamental factor for growth and expansion, and for the general health of your company. Your brand, your employees and your profits - they can all benefit from better business.

But how do you do that?

Company Searches for Better Business Decisions

Company searches can help you make more informed decisions. Checking the credit rating of a potential new business partner, and judging whether they will be reliable in that regard, is a powerful insight. An objective view of a company provides a solid bedrock for decision making.

Accuracy & Insight

What makes Company Search MadeSimple an amazing choice for company searches is the access to accurate and up to date information at your fingertips. Being synced with Companies House, the official registrar of companies in the UK, every piece of information is precise and accurate. You can get a quick Snapshot report for £1.95 or a Fully Comprehensive report for £5.95 - it’s all precise and accurate, so you can always make the best judgment.

Company Search MadeSimple providing your company searches with just 3 steps

Not only is our company search completely accurate and insightful, but our company reports are easy to get in just 3 steps.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Search - Pick the company name you want to search for, you could even search for your own business and check how your credit rating appears to others.
  2. Buy - Choose a package, Snapshot is more basic whilst Fully Comprehensive is the most detailed - including accounts and Group Structure information.
  3. View - Download your report as a PDF file, or just view it in your account - it’s as simple as that.

If you have a subscription the process is even easier, just purchase a subscription once and you don’t have to buy again - so your company searches can be done in just 2 steps!

A Simple Company Search Process for Comprehensive Company Searches

The Company Search MadeSimple process is incredibly effective at delivering comprehensive search results, tailored to your needs. By using the Company Tracker service any news on your searches will be automatically emailed to you - which makes it an intelligent way to search, so you can spend time focussing on your own business.

Start your company search today by entering the name of the business you want to search - then choose your service.

Company Search now

Start your company search today by entering the name of the business you want to search, then choose your service.

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