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Subscription Packages

Do you need multiple reports? Make huge savings by purchasing one of our monthly or yearly subscription packages. 1 credit = 1 of any UK product.
UK reports only. Does not include access to International reports.

Yearly Subscriptions

per year
per year

Monthly Subscriptions

per month
per month

How it works

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
1 credit = 1 of any UK product.

So 10 credits per month could get you...

  • 10 comprehensive reports; or
  • 10 director reports; or
  • 5 company documents, 3 comprehensive reports and 2 snapshot reports; or
  • 3 director reports, 4 Lifetime company trackers and 3 comprehensive reports
  • Etc.

...each and every month.

No setup fees, no minimum period, no cancellation fees.

Your subscription will renew automatically. You can cancel or change your subscription anytime. Credits do not rollover to the next period.

Subscription FAQs

What do I get when I buy a subscription?

A subscription gives you a set number of credits per month or year.
1 credit = 1 of any UK product.

Can I use my credits with International company reports?

No. The credits can be used with UK products only.

Will my credits rollover?

No, your credits are only valid for the duration of the subscription. So if you have a monthly subscription with 10 credits, any remaining credits will be removed at the end of the month and you will be allocated another 10 for the new month. Think of it as the same as most mobile phone plans, only no lock-in contracts!

How much do the subscriptions cost?

Subscriptions start from £19.95 per month or £99.95 per year. View all prices.

How will I be charged for my subscription?

Your first payment will be taken immediately and your subscription will be activated immediately. Renewal payments will be taken automatically at midnight on the last day of your subscription (displayed as 'Date Expires' within My Subscriptions).

Will Company Searches Made Simple hold my card details?

No, only our secure payment provider Sagepay holds your card details. We hold a unique token for you which we use to communicate with Sagepay, and all communication is made via a secure 256-bit encrypted connection. However, even if your token fell into the wrong hands it would be completely useless as it only works between us (Company Searches Made Simple) and Sagepay.

Will I be notified before my card is charged?

Yes, 7 days before the automatic renewal we will email you. If you're happy for the subscription to renew you won't have to do anything; if you want to stop it details will be enclosed, or you can see below.

What if I don't want any of my card details being held?

Simply cancel the subscription. Company Searches Made Simple will delete the token we hold and Sagepay will remove your card details from their system.

What happens if I stop my account from auto-renewing after I've paid?

Your subscription will continue as per normal until the expiry date. Once it reaches this date it will simply stop. There is no cancellation fee. You can purchase a new subscription at any time.

How do I cancel auto-renewing?

Once logged in to your account click on My Subscriptions, then 'View' the Active subscription. You can easily cancel your subscription on this page and there is no fee to do so.

Is there a charge to cancel auto-renewing?

No, there is absolutely no charge to cancel.

If I cancel my subscription will I still have access to the reports in my account?

Yes, all reports remain in your account for a period of 12 months.

How do I manage my subscription?

Simply click on My Subscriptions within My Account. This shows your current and past subscriptions, as well as a history of what reports and documents have been redeemed.

How can I tell what kind of subscription I have or when it expires?

Simply click on My Subscriptions within My Account. View your Active subscription to see what is currently running, how many credits you have left and when it expires.

What happens if my credit runs out before the renewal date?

You will still be able to purchase reports on a pay as you go basis. Once your renewal date is reached your subscription will be reactivated and you can begin to use your credit again. Alternatively, you can purchase a new subscription of an equal, higher or lower value which will be activated immediately. NB. Your new subscription will replace the old one, the expiry date will be updated to the new date and your old subscription will no longer be charged.

What happens if I want to upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade at any time simply by purchasing a new subscription. NB. If you have a current subscription with remaining credit your new subscription will immediately override the current one and you will lose any remaining credits. In this case we recommend cancelling your auto renewal (your credits will remain until the expiry date) and once it expires, upgrade to the new subscription.

I'm not using all my credits, can I downgrade my subscription?

You can downgrade at any time simply by purchasing a new subscription. NB. If you have a current subscription with remaining credit your new subscription will override the current one and you will lose any remaining credits. In this case, we recommend cancelling your auto renewal (your credits will remain until the expiry date) and once it expires, downgrade to the new subscription.

If I purchase a subscription and a report at the same time, will the report be deducted from the subscription credits?

No, if a report is purchased at the same time as a subscription (both in the basket together) you will be charged for both the cost of the subscription and the cost of the report. If you wish to use the subscription credit to redeem the report you will need to purchase the subscription first (ie. remove the report from your basket) and then add the report to your account.

I have another question not listed here, what can I do?

Email us and we'll get it answered for you.

Need a more bespoke offering? Please contact us.

* Unlimited subscription reasonably capped at 10,000 credits, of which a maximum of 240 can be used for company documents.Why? Our document costs are substantially higher than our report costs and unfortunately we are unable to offer more at this price.

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