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Which Company Documents are available to purchase?

The available documents will vary by company based on which documents they have filed with Companies House, though typically the following Company Documents are available:

  • Annual Accounts (AA)
  • Change of Company Name (NM01)
  • Confirmation Statement (CS01) / Annual Return (AR01)
  • Director Termination (TM01)
  • Change of Director Details (CH01)
  • Return of Allotment of Shares (SH01)
  • Insolvency Proceedings
  • Director Appointments (AP01)
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date (AA01)
  • Change of Registered Office Address (AD01)
  • Mortgage or charge (MG01)
  • New Incorporation Documents
  • Striking Off Application (DS01)

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How much does each Company Document cost?

Each Company Document costs £1.99. If you have a 50 Report Subscription, you can use any of these 50 ‘credits’ to purchase Company documents instead of reports. Those with a Monthly Unlimited Report Subscription can download 25 Company Documents at no cost as part of the subscription. We provide the most recent version of each document available, but also provide documents from earlier years if you would like to see the historical changes in a company.

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What are Company Accounts?

Company Accounts are an annually submitted declaration of a limited company’s financial information. They are also referred to as Statutory Accounts and usually include a profit and loss account as well as a balance sheet. View a sample Annual Accounts document.

It is important to note that companies with revenue under a certain threshold are not required to post an auditor’s report with their annual statutory accounts and may be able to post abbreviated versions of their accounts. See the list of exemption criteria.

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Where do you source the documents from?

We source our documents directly from Companies House and so provide access to the most recent documents submitted to Companies House.

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Will you email the documents to me?

No, we do not email Company Documents to customers. Instead, the company documents are available to view any time from your Company Search MadeSimple account.

To access them, login to your account and select ‘My Documents’ from the ‘My Account’ section.

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Can I use my Monthly/Annual Subscription for Company Documents?

Yes you can. Those with a 50 Report Subscription can use any of these report ‘credits’ to purchase Company Documents instead of reports. Monthly Unlimited Report Subscription customers can download 25 documents free of charge.

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