Simple to use

Easily add reports to your online account with just one click.

Great value

Access company reports all year round from just 69p per day

No hidden extras

There are no additional set up fees or cancellation fees.

The ideal solution for frequent users

An annual subscription is the most cost-effective option for:

  • Businesses that regularly need to check the credit quality of suppliers or partners.
  • Government or local authorities that regularly put out tenders for suppliers.
  • Any organisation where it is mandatory as part of the engagement process to credit check suppliers/partners.
  • Businesses that have to make decisions based on company credit reports (commercial loans, commercial insurance etc).

I've used Company Search MadeSimple for over three years. The service is cost effective whilst also being easy to navigate and quick to use. Jonny Hawkins

Need some help?

If you have any questions about our subscription packages or company reports, please get in touch. Our team are available via phone Mon-Fri 9am-5:30pm GMT or you can email us and we'll get back to you.

How will I be charged for my subscription?

Your first payment will be taken immediately and your subscription will be activated immediately. Renewal payments will be taken automatically at midnight on the last day of your subscription (displayed as 'Date Expires' within My Subscriptions).

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How do I manage my subscription?

Simply click on My Subscriptions within My Account. This shows your current and past subscriptions, as well as a history of what reports and documents have been redeemed.

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Can I see how many reports I’ve used or how many are remaining?

Yes you can, simply click on My Subscriptions within My Account. View your Active subscription to see what is currently running, how many reports you have left and when the subscription expires.

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Does Company Search MadeSimple hold my card details?

No, only our secure payment provider Sagepay holds your card details. We hold a unique token for you which we use to communicate with Sagepay, and all communication is made via a secure 256­bit encrypted connection. However, even if your token fell into the wrong hands it would be completely useless as it only works between us (Company Search MadeSimple) and Sagepay.

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What happens when my subscription expires?

7 days before the subscription expires and is due for auto­renewal, we will email you. If you're happy for the subscription to renew you won't have to do anything; if you want to stop it details will be enclosed in the email, or you can cancel it via your account.

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How do I cancel the subscription auto-renewal?

Once logged in to your account click on My Subscriptions, then 'View' the Active subscription. You can easily cancel your subscription on this page and there is no fee to do so.

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If I cancel my subscription will I still have access to the reports in my account?

Yes, you will still be able to view all your purchased reports from your online account.

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I have the 50 Report subscription, what happens if I use all 50 reports before the renewal date?

You will still be able to purchase reports on a pay as you go basis. Once your renewal date is reached your subscription will be reactivated and you can begin to use your credit again. Alternatively, you can purchase a new subscription of an equal or higher value which will be activated immediately. Your new subscription will replace the old one, the expiry date will be updated to the new date and your old subscription will no longer be charged.

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If I purchase a subscription and a report at the same time, will the report be deducted from the subscription?

No, if a report is purchased at the same time as a subscription (both in the basket together) you will be charged for both the cost of the subscription and the cost of the report. If you wish to use the subscription credit to redeem the report you will need to purchase the subscription first (ie. remove the report from your basket) and then add the report to your account.

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Is there a fair usage policy?

As part of our commitment to provide high quality reports and fast downloads, Company Search MadeSimple applies a fair usage policy to our Unlimited Report Subscription. This subscription is reasonably capped at 1,000 reports.

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