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What is a director?

A director is an individual appointed to run a company on another’s behalf. They are bound to behave under a certain set of rules.

They must:

  • Act in the best interests of the company to ensure that it becomes a success; using the skills, expertise and experience they have in order to do so
  • Follow the rules of the company as dictated in its articles of association
  • Make decisions in the best interests of the company rather than their own
  • Ensure that any potential individual benefit from a transaction involving the company is declared to other shareholders
  • Ensure that company records are kept up to date and any changes to them are reported to Companies House and HMRC
  • File accounts with Companies House on time and ensure that they are an accurate and fair view of the company’s finances
  • File the Company Tax Return with HMRC and ensure that the correct amount of Corporation Tax is paid

A director may delegate some of these operations to external professional services, though they are personally accountable for the company’s liabilities and so are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all records and accounts are filed on time. If they do not fulfil this filing requirement, they could be prosecuted or disqualified from acting as a company director.

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What is a Director Report?

A Director Report contains all of the current and previous appointments of a given director as well as certain personal details of the director including their full name, date of birth, nationality, director ID and address.

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How much does a report cost?

Our full Director Reports are completely free to view, download as a PDF file or to save to your Company Search MadeSimple account to view at your convenience. A limited amount of information is free to view for each of the companies they currently are (or have previously been) directors of. To view detailed information about any of the companies associated with a director, full company reports are available for £4.99 + VAT

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What information is included when I check a director?

Each director report includes:

  • Name
  • Title (if available)
  • Honours (if available)
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Full list of current directorships
  • Full list of previous directorships

Each directorship listing includes:

  • Function within company (director or secretary)
  • Date appointed
  • Company number
  • Company name
  • Company credit rating
  • Company credit limit
  • Company status

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Where is the director information sourced from?

The director information is retrieved directly from Companies House. As UK limited companies are formed under the Companies Act, they are required to disclose certain information about their directors when forming a company, or when there is a change in directorship as the directors are ultimately responsible for the running of the company. This information must also be publicly available as part of the Companies Act, including the shareholder and secretary information.

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Will the reports be sent to me by email?

Unfortunately, we cannot email the reports to you. Instead, they are available to view or download as a PDF at any time from your account.

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Can I see the full list of directorships for a Director?

Yes, on each director report there is a full list of the Director’s current directorships and any directorships held in the past.

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Will the director know that I have searched for information on them?

No, we do not disclose any information about who is making the searches to anyone. Checking a director is completely anonymous.

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How can I track companies of the directors I am interested in?

  • Simply scroll down to ‘Current Appointments’ and select the name of the company you would like to track in the ‘Company Name’ column.
  • This will direct you to the company report page. From here, select ‘Track Updates’ in the top right of the report where you will be prompted to make an account or log in.
  • You will be alerted by email each time there is a change in this company’s situation, including: their latest accounts, a change in their credit rating, amendments of share capital or a change in the company’s directors or shareholders.

It’s free to track the updates of any number of companies. To return to the Director Report you were previously viewing, click the back arrow in your browser.

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Why are there multiple director reports for the same person?

This happens when different director information is supplied on official documents to Companies House, causing a duplicate entry to be created for the director. One of the main causes of these duplicate entries is a director changing their address. We do not attempt to merge these entries as it may lead to the data being aggregated incorrectly.

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Do Director Reports show disqualified directorships?

Yes, even if a director has had a previous directorship disqualified, it will still show up on their Director Report.

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Can I remove a Company or Director Report from your site?

As the information in our Director and Company Reports are sourced directly from Companies House and so reflect the same information that they publicly hold on their records; we are unable to amend or remove the reports. For more information, see our listing policy.

We can, however, stop Company or Director Reports from appearing in search engine results. Find out more about removing company or director reports from search results.

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How do I find directors of a company?

To search for the directors of a specific company, head over to the UK Company Search page and search for the company name. Select ‘View Report’ for the company you would like to view. On the Company Report page, select the ‘People’ tab underneath the company name, scroll down to the director you would like to check and select ‘View Report’

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