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What they are saying about Company Searches Made Simple on Feefo (10th-17th January)

Feefo is a ‘customer review and feedback system for service and products’. After a purchase is made on any of our sites (Companies Made Simple, London Presence, Business Training Made Simple and here on Company Searches Made Simple), we ask our customers to anonymously give us a rating and review. We then have the opportunity to respond to the review. Ultimately we use these reviews to tailor our service.

At the moment all reviews are accessible directly from Feefo, and now we’re going to start publishing the most recent Company Seraches Made Simple reviews (positive and negative) here on the blog too.

First up, here’s the ratings guide:




And now the reviews:

Finally, our overall rating for the last 6 months:






We’ll publish more reviews in the coming weeks!

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Purchasing Company Documents: Abbreviations and Explanations

Our Company Documents Service allows you to purchase copies of documents that have been filed with Companies House shortly after they have been accepted (it normally takes just a few days for them to become available).

Once you’ve searched for and found the relevant company from our homepage, we present you with a list of documents that the company has filed. In this list we use the abbreviated document name as well as a brief explanation of the document. It looks like this:

If you are unsure of what information is included within a document, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

For information on how to purchase company documents, take a look here: How to find and buy Company Documents

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How to find and buy Company Documents

If a company has filed a document with Companies House, odds are that we can provide a copy of it. Finding and buying company documents is simple:

1. Look up the relevant company via the Company Search box on our homepage

2. Click View Details next to the correct company

3. Scroll down to the Company Documents area, find the document that you wish to purchase, and then select Add to Basket

4. Complete the payment process

The document is then delivered straight to your account.

It’s worth noting that documents become available a few days after they have been accepted at Companies House.

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Company documents are sent straight to your account

Your company documents

Earlier this year we started using Feefo (an independent review and feedback system) for a number of our different services – Company Searches Made Simple included. So far the response has been overwhelmingly positive with:

212 Excellent Reviews
91 Good Reviews
35 Poor Reviews
27 Bad Reviews

Feefo is great because it allows us to see any areas that may require improvement. One issue that has come up a number of times is:

I’ve just purchased a company document, how can I view it?

So whilst the team look into a permanent fix to make this clearer, here’s a quick explanation to cover this.

Once purchased, company documents are delivered to the My Documents area of the customer’s account. They are not emailed. To view a purchased document:

Log In
• Select My Documents
• Select Download next to the relevant report

You can then view the report.

As previously mentioned, the team are looking into a permanent fix to make the process clearer.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to comment below.

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