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Don’t let your Company Credit Report go stale

company credit report

As soon as a company credit report has been bought the information within that report freezes. Even if a report were bought on a Monday and a director resigned on the Tuesday, the report would still show the director as having a role in the company. Continue reading

Switching your FREE update alerts off… and on again

If you set up an update alert against a company we’ll email you whenever that company makes an update with Companies House. This could be a director appointment, registered office update, new shares being added, a confirmation statement being filed – any change that’s made with Companies House, we’ll let you know. Update alerts are a fantastic way to keep tabs on another company, and they’re free to set up! But what if you’re no longer interested in a company and want to turn your alerts off? In this post we’ll show you how to do this. Continue reading

How to set up a ‘Company Update Alert’

Why confidential company search matters

Company Search MadeSimple offer a free service whereby you can receive an email whenever a limited company of your choosing makes a filing change. We’ll email if a company files accounts, changes directors or shareholders, amends its share capital, or even if a change happens to its credit rating. In this post we’ll look at how you can set up a ‘Company Update Alert’. Continue reading

Company Credit Check your company before someone else does

Company accounts - what do yours say to others?

Company credit reports are an invaluable resource for getting background information on other businesses, allowing you to make informed decisions such as; do you accept that huge order? Do you go into partnership with that business? Do you buy a product from that particular supplier? Completing background checks on other companies is the primary use for a company credit report, but it’s not the only use. Continue reading

Company check UK businesses for peace of mind

Company check UK businesses for peace of mind

When you do business, you want to make sure things are secure. The idea of making everything 100% safe is nice, but it’s also slightly unrealistic – you can, however, take simple precautions to protect yourself from problems in business. Continue reading

What is included in your Company Search Subscription Package?

Subsciption Packages

If you are running your own business it’s important that you:

  • Know your industry (competitors)
  • Know who you’re doing business with (partners, potential partners and suppliers)

Our services allow you to purchase reports and documents that give you financial and personal information on other businesses. To get this information you simply pick up a Company Report, Company Document, Company Tracker (ideal for monitoring your competition) or Director Report from our site as and when you want. But what if you need to complete multiple company searches? Continue reading

Check yourself before someone wrecks… your business

Credit check

We provide a number of services that help you do better business. The primary function of these services is to allow you to check up on who you’re doing business with, helping you make educated decisions on who you should and shouldn’t work with. But all of our services also have a secondary function: Continue reading

Company Search: Why confidentiality matters

Why confidential company search matters

There are many reasons why you might undertake a company search, and many reasons why you might want that search kept confidential. There are certain pieces of information that businesses are obliged to make freely available – and access to many of those details is protected. Continue reading