Company Credit Check your company before someone else does

Company accounts - what do yours say to others?

Company credit reports are an invaluable resource for getting background information on other businesses, allowing you to make informed decisions such as; do you accept that huge order? Do you go into partnership with that business? Do you buy a product from that particular supplier? Completing background checks on other companies is the primary use for a company credit report, but it’s not the only use.

Completing a Company Credit Check on your own company can also be a valuable exercise.

Why? Because this allows you to:

  • see how other businesses are seeing your business
  • address any outstanding issues
  • pre-empt and prepare for possible problem areas (in meeting scenarios)
  • combat fraud by ‘tracking’ your company – meaning you receive notifications when anything is filed, legitimately or fraudulently

Knowing how other people perceive you can be painful but ultimately helpful, and it’s the same in business.

Here’s the information you can get by completing a company check on your own company, or another:

– General Information

  • Company name
  • Company number
  • Company type (eg Private Company Limited by Shares)
  • Business activity (defined by the Standard Industry Classification Code)
  • Incorporation date
  • Website link
  • Returns made up to date
  • Accounts made up to date
  • Registered address
  • Trading address

– Credit Risk Overview

  • Credit risk
  • Credit limit
  • County court judgments

– Financial Overview

  • Cash
  • Net worth
  • Total liabilities
  • Net assets

– People Overview

  • Current number of directors appointed
  • Number of past directors
  • Current number of shareholders
  • Shareholder equity

– Documents Filed

– Group Structure Overview

– Timeline Overview

It’s a vast array of information that’s bound to come in handy, whether you are checking up on your own company or another.

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