Has a Company Director Check confirmed that Idris Elba is the new James Bond?


Just days after Daniel Craig seemingly confirmed his departure from the James Bond franchise by taking on a role in a US television series, we appear to have found his successor – the much favoured Idris Elba. How’ve we done this? By completing a company director search. Let us explain.

One new feature of our updated website is free UK company director checks. This means we can provide you with a plethora of information about any UK company director; full name, date of birth, nationality, address, and a list of current and previous directorships held.

It just so happens that Idris Elba, like a surprising amount of well-known people, is a company director – meaning we were able to complete a search on him in just a matter of seconds.

The company director check on Elba provided the following information:

  • Idris Akuna Elba was born in September 1972
  • His director ID is 918427464
  • He is British
  • He is the director of three companies; 7WALLACE MUSIC LIMITED (dormant), GREEN DOOR WORLD PRODUCTIONS LIMITED (active), GREEN DOOR PICTURES LIMITED (active)
  • He was first appointed as a director on 19/12/2013

Now the Bond giveaway comes when you look at the address Elba is using as his ‘service address’ – the official address at Companies House (and not where he lives, sorry stalkers):

89 New Bond Street

Can it be any clearer than that?

You too can complete a company director search on any UK director – famous, or not, for free. Simply visit Company Search MadeSimple to get started.

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