How can I find out if a company has dissolved on a company report?

How can I find out if a company has dissolved on a company report?

Did you know that our Company Credit Reports include information on whether a company has closed down or is still active? If you’re doing some background research on a potential partner or client, or are just curious, download a company report and find out a company’s status in minutes!

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the company report that you are interested in (either by searching reports or via a company you already follow).
  2. You’ll see ‘Company is dissolved’ underneath the company name, company number and address when first searching, and it appears under the company name on the company’s individual report.
    Company is dissolved
  3. If you don’t see an active or dissolved status, you may see a different note instead. When a company isn’t trading you will see ‘Dormant’ and if the company is in liquidation you will see (you guessed it!) ‘In Liquidation’. When you hover over the status of the company, a pop-up appears with more information on what it means.
    Company status
  4. To check to see whether a company is currently in the process of being dissolved (either compulsory or voluntary), check the ‘Documents’ section.
    Documents section

We hope this helped you get to grips with one of the handy features that are available when using our company reports. Take a look through the blog for more articles that help you get the best from your Company Search MadeSimple account.

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