Why Company Searches are key to your business’s safety

Company Searches should become a key part of your arsenal when it comes to protecting your business. In this post we’re going look at what a company search is and how we at Company Search MadeSimple are able to quickly and, well simply, provide you with all your company search needs.

What is a Company Search?

A company search is the act of looking up a company online with the aim of receiving background information on it. Now by ‘looking up’ we don’t mean simply entering a company name into Google and seeing what comes up – although this can be an enlightening experience in itself – no, we mean searching for the company through a specialist provider (such as us) and then using one of the search services that they offer.

Company Search services?

We offer a number of services designed to give you company information. Let’s look at these services and then explain how they can help you protect your business.

Company Reports – We offer five different company credit reports that provide you with different levels of information, with the most comprehensive including:

  • Group Structure
  • 5 Years Accounts
  • Mortgage Summary
  • Statutory information (name, reg no, incorporation date, registered office, latest filed accounts, issued capital, company status, type of accounts)
  • Directors (name, address, personal details, appointments)
  • Shareholders (names, share currency)
  • Directory information (trading address, telephone no, auditors, bankers, principle activities, SIC codes)
  • Risk Information (credit limit and credit risk score
  • Ownership (group structure, holding company)
  • Accounts (date of accounts, consolidated, subsidiaries, period covered, currency, audit comment)
  • Profit and loss (turnover, pre-tax profit, taxation, no of employees)
  • Balance sheet (total current assets, total current liabilities, working capital, shareholders funds)
  • Mortgage Summary (persons entitled, amount secured, status, satisfied)

Director Reports – Our director report provide the following information:

  • Director’s personal details (name, DOB, address)
  • Summary of history of directorships
  • Live directorships (trading/non-trading)

Company Documents – We can provide you with copies of documents that companies have filed with Companies House. This includes annual returns, annual accounts, officer appointments and many more.

Company Trackers – By setting up a tracker against a company you will be notified whenever the tracked company makes a filing change with Companies House.

But how can any of this help your business?

When running a business you need to be careful about who you partner with. Our company search services enable you to closely monitor other companies and get the information on them they may not necessarily want you to know – in particular, financial information. This enables you to make fully informed and researched decisions in regards to your business relationships.

Do you make that big order? Do you accept that big order? Do you give them credit? Our company search services are here to assist you in making these big decisions. Find out more about how we can help you now.

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