What is included in your Company Search Subscription Package?

Subsciption Packages

If you are running your own business it’s important that you:

  • Know your industry (competitors)
  • Know who you’re doing business with (partners, potential partners and suppliers)

Our services allow you to purchase reports and documents that give you financial and personal information on other businesses. To get this information you simply pick up a Company Report, Company Document, Company Tracker (ideal for monitoring your competition) or Director Report from our site as and when you want. But what if you need to complete multiple company searches?

This is where the Company Search MadeSimple Subscription Packages come in

We offer a range of subscription packages to ensure that you can carry out as many searches as you want:


1 credit equals 1:

  • Company Credit Report (Snapshot, Standard or Comprehensive)
  • Company Tracker
  • Director Report
  • Company Tracker

As you can see, you have the option to buy either yearly or monthly subscriptions – simply select what you think is most suited to your needs. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two types of subscription package

Key queries covered

Do credits rollover? No, once your allotted period is over then you will be given a new batch of credits.

If I decide to cancel will I still be able to see the reports I have? Yes, even when you have cancelled you will still have access to these for 12 months.

Are international company reports included in any of the subscription packages? No, they are not included. You can however purchase these separately here.

What if I run out of reports before the renewal date?  You can purchase our services via our regular pay as you go option. Once the date for your renewal is reached you would then be allocated new allotment of credits.

Would you like more information about our Subscription Packages? Take a look here

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