Company searches & credit checks – how are they useful for my business?

Company searches & credit checks - how are they useful for my business?

The use of credit check companies has been on the rise in the internet age. With such an emphasis on ease of use and interactivity, there has been a huge increase in the amount of web based credit check companies like Company Search MadeSimple delivering fast and accurate results.
This has helped promote business intelligence and given companies real data that they can utilise to make better business decisions. So as to whether credit check companies are useful – the short answer is a resounding ‘yes’.

If you’re ready to run a credit check, or you’d like to take advantage of the more advanced company report packages – simply type the company name you’d like to search for on our homepage to get started today.

Why Are Credit Checks So Useful?

The use of a credit check is a very important part of assessing a business, as a result it is great for people looking to check out the viability of new business partners – or potential partners. This is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, but particularly to smaller ones, in the following ways:

  1. Determining Reliability – When you’re a small company, cash flow is extremely important. As a result, an unreliable client or partner might mean you are stuck in a situation where your cash flow is limited. This is not good for business, but by running a credit check you can determine in advance whether a company is reliable – and hopefully avoid the situation.
  2. Seeing How You Appear To Others – The business world is often based on perception, and if your company is perceived as a risk in terms of credit – you may find it difficult to get a loan or enter a new business partnership. As a result, seeing how your business appears to others is a very useful aspect of credit checks.
  3. Assessing Competitors – One of the best ways to check how well a competitor is doing is to get an idea of how they are performing financially.

Credit checks are useful, basically to establish risk. Financial exposure is one of the most significant challenges facing a small business or startup, so it’s an absolutely crucial best practice to integrate into your company.

Whether running a check on your competitors, on a new business partner or yourself – they are extremely useful for finding valuable data driven insights, which can help you make better business decisions.

Why Are Credit Checks With Company Search MadeSimple A Great Choice?

If you have to undertake a credit check, you might be curious what makes MadeSimple’s service a great choice.

Well, the fundamental aspect of it is that it is extremely simple to do – all you have to do is enter your company the company name and then choose the ‘Standard’ or ‘Fully Comprehensive’ credit report.

You can even opt for a ‘Company Tracker’ – which will give you live updates on any changes to the company you are searching for, including credit ratings and limits.

There are some other excellent features that make Company Search MadeSimple’s credit checks a great choice:

  1. Speed & Accuracy – We are synced with Companies House for the most up to date information.
  2. Confidential – All of your searches and purchases are completely anonymous and confidential.
  3. Single Reports Or Packages – To get a single report, or a package – you can subscribe and get credits each month or each year – use our Unlimited package.

We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and up to date reports, tailored to your needs. This is all delivered in the most simple way possible – through an easy to use web based interface.

Credit Checks To Help Companies Do Better Business

The best and most useful thing about credit checks from Company Search MadeSimple is that it can help you do better business. By making use of accurate information, you can use this to make better business choices – meaning you’re more likely to have a successful business in future.

Did you find this useful? If so please feel free to comment and let us know. We constantly have new tips and information, so make sure you check out the rest of our blog – particularly the posts related to ‘

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