A company check UK businesses can rely on

A company check UK businesses can rely on

The most important thing when it comes to running a company check is accuracy. It’s of tantamount importance, because important business decisions are made using this information. That’s why reliability is extremely important, and at Company Search MadeSimple – we deliver a company check UK businesses can rely on.

But how do we do that? Well, first of all we’re synced with Companies House – so you can get the most accurate and up to date information instantly. In addition, you can get a live Company Tracker – so you can be informed of changes to credit ratings, shareholders, directors and more as they happen.

So, if you’re ready to start, just type the name of the business you want to search for and do your check with Company Search MadeSimple today.

But why is accuracy so important? Let’s explore.

Accuracy – What Does This Bring To The Table?

The importance of accuracy cannot be overemphasised, but what are the practical things that accuracy brings to the table when we’re talking about company search?

Well, some things to mention include the following:

  1. Up To The Minute – By getting accuracy that is right up to date, you can make quicker decisions – as you know the information you have is 100% accurate as of the time of your search. Timing can be critical, so this is a handy feature.
  2. Detail – Detailed company search makes it possible to use various pieces of data to spot a trend or possibility for a business, these different permutations can yield valuable insights and can help when assessing things that might not be immediately obvious.
  3. Precision – This is something that businesses really value. The ability to look over precise company accounts in great detail (including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Capital Reserves and Key ratios).

The level of accuracy is always the same, but you can get only the level of detail that you need. Our reports come in Snapshot, Standard Credit and Fully Comprehensive packages – with the Snapshot having less information (and being a lower price) and the Fully Comprehensive having the most information.

What Aspects Of Company Reports Benefit The Most From Accuracy?

The short answer is, everything – it depends on what your business needs are. However there are some aspects of company reporting that are particularly useful for business – and therefore will benefit the most from accuracy.

In terms of their potential impact on the business, the following aspects of company search benefit the most from accuracy:

  • Credit Ratings – The credit score is something businesses use to determine how they are viewed by lenders. If they are viewed favourably, they are likely to be much more stable. As a result, accuracy in this regard is extremely important.
  • Directors – Knowing the correct details of a company director makes it easier to approach them, and it shows you’ve done you’ve been diligent in finding such records.

There are a huge amount of things that are important for business, and accuracy in your reporting is one of the biggest things.

Company Searches For Business Intelligence

The process of searching for credit checks, company checks or any other kind of search is so simple and easy – and it’s an amazing way to promote business intelligence. By utilising data to make informed business decisions, you are much more likely to have a more successful business overall.

Did you find this useful? If so please feel free to comment and let us know. We have a lot of great hints and tips on our blog – so make sure you look there for all the latest. Particularly our blogs on ‘Company Searches’.

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