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We provide a number of services that help you do better business. The primary function of these services is to allow you to check up on who you’re doing business with, helping you make educated decisions on who you should and shouldn’t work with. But all of our services also have a secondary function:

They can be reversed and used against your own business

You’re not limited to buying services that look into other companies and people – you can buy all our services against your own company too. Here’s how each of our services can help your business directly.

Company Reports

By purchasing reports on your own company you are seeing how others see you. This can provide valuable insight and help you prepare for business meetings – after all, you should now know potential areas of concern and address them directly.

Director Reports

Similar to above but on a more personal basis. How could others perceive you and the businesses that you’re associated with?

Company Documents

Lost your Certificate of Incorporation? Can’t remember what date a director resigned? Want a copy of your last Annual Return? If you filed something with Companies House, we’ll have a copy of it.

Company Trackers

Particularly handy in the fight against company fraud. If you set up a tracker against your own company, you’ll be notified whenever a change occurs to your company – with your permission and without. Allowing you to quickly deal with any fraudulent activity.

See? It’s not just other companies and directors we can help with! See our Products and Pricing page for more information on our full range of Company Search services.

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