Company Search: Why confidentiality matters

Why confidential company search matters

There are many reasons why you might undertake a company search, and many reasons why you might want that search kept confidential. There are certain pieces of information that businesses are obliged to make freely available – and access to many of those details is protected.

The access to company information is protected for a number of reasons, and it’s why Company Search MadeSimple makes a point of guaranteeing confidentiality in all company search services. So why does confidential company search matter so much?

Confidentiality & Company Search

The matters of company search are kept confidential for the following reasons:

  • Transparency – Part of the reason why confidentiality is so important is because of the issue of transparency. Transparency means information is freely available, but also that the access is freely available and anonymous.
  • Accountability – You can easily check whether a company has filed their accounts and what their credit limit is – which means you can more accurately assess how much a company has paid in tax, and what their reliability in paying debts is. The ability to check a company’s trustworthiness anonymously is convenient for businesses, as they can know the company they are trading with are accountable through an external and unbiased source.
  • Privacy – The need for privacy is a key aspect of company search. For example, if a company knows a certain individual or organisation is checking their credit rating – then there is the potential for a response, which would go against the ideas of transparency.

By making sure that confidentiality is maintained, everyone has access to the same information and is capable of making their own searches. This matters in business as it provides a level playing field for both the big and small players.

Keeping The Balance

One of the most important aspects of confidentiality and privacy in company search is keeping balance and fairness in the business landscape.

Whether you are a big company looking to check out the smaller competitors or a small company looking to check on the big guys – everyone is on the same level.

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