Understanding company credit reports and company documents

When running a company, you simply must complete checks on the people and companies that you’re going to be doing business with. Likewise, if you’re a consumer and you’re about to part with a significant amount of money, you should really know who you’re giving your hard-earned cash to. It sounds like hyperbole but one false move really can have catastrophic results.

Using our services you can gain valuable insight into companies and directors. Insights that can help you do smart business. In this blog post, you’ll find an overview of the services available to you.

Before we go any further, we’d like to stress that all our services are completely anonymous – nobody will ever know that you completed a search on them or their company unless you tell them.

Company Credit Reports

Company credit reports are designed to give you all the information you need to know about a UK business, including:

  • Credit risk information
  • Credit risk score from 1-100, which ranks creditworthiness
  • Credit limit amount
  • Audit qualifications
  • County Court Judgements
  • Mortgages information

Financial Information

  • Balance sheet
  • Salaries and dividends
  • Cash flow
  • Capital reserves
  • Ratios

Officer Information

  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Secretaries

Group Structure

  • A list of every company within the group structure
  • Ideal for finding the ‘parent’ or holding company of a smaller business

Timeline Information

  • All the key events in the company’s lifetime
  • Includes the filing of accounts and Confirmation Statements, Director appointments and resignations

Company credit reports are clickable, which means you can easily access other company credit reports, director reports or documents whilst viewing them. You can also report a company if they owe you money, our trusted debt recovery partners will contact you to discuss how they can help.

Once a company has been searched you can immediately view a summary of information, a full report is then available to view once purchased. Reports can be accessed via your online account at any time and can also be downloaded as PDFs.

Here’s how to search for and view the free version of a company credit report:

UK Company Documents – £1.99 per document

As well as company credit report, you can get instant access to a range of company documents. If a company has filed it, we can provide a copy of it.

This includes:

  • AA01 – Annual Accounts
  • AR01 – Annual returns / CS01 – Confirmation statements
  • AD01 – Change of Registered Office
  • AP01 – Appointment of Director
  • TM01 – Resignation of Director
  • New Incorporation documents

Company documents are ideal for looking into the finer details and can also come in handy if you’ve misplaced a document you’ve filed for your own company… copies of Certificates of Incorporation are particularly popular!

Here’s how to find different company documents from a company report:

As well as the services that we offer, it’s important not to neglect other online searches such as Google. As valuable as company credit reports, director reports and documents can be, there are obviously some things that we’ll never be able to convey that a simple online search can. The key to successful research on a company is to efficiently combine all the resources available to you.

We hope you find this post helpful. Visit Company Search MadeSimple now for more information on how we can help you gain insight into any business and director.

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