Introducing the 10 company credit report subscription package

Annual Subscription Packages

Do you use company credit reports on a regular basis? Then our Report Subscription packages are ideal. Designed for frequent users of our company credit report services, an annual subscription package can help save you time and money.

Here’s how a company credit report subscription works:

We give you a set number of company credit reports to redeem within the year (company documents can also be redeemed). When you want a new company credit report you search for the report from Company Search MadeSimple as you normally would – when you’ve found the report you want, rather than make payment, you can simply add it to your account where it’s immediately available to view.

We now offer 3 company credit report subscription packages:

  • 50 Reports (or company documents) – £99 plus VAT per year
  • Unlimited Reports & 240 company documents – £249 plus VAT per year
  • NEW 10 Reports (or company documents) – £29 plus VAT per year

Interested in finding out more about our annual subscription packages? Take a look here:
Report Subscriptions

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