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Director Reports: Search for variations of the Director’s name

Limited Company Directors are a peculiar breed in that they often use variations of their name when being appointed as a Director.

For example (these are not real companies or appointments!):

• in ABC Ltd I am Mathew Aitken
• in 123 Ltd I am Mathew Joseph Aitken
• in XYZ Ltd I am Matthew Aitken (I was appointed by a colleague who was unfamiliar with my parent’s strange spelling) Continue reading

Removing Company & Director Information from Search Engines

A few weeks ago we explained that we can’t remove company and director information from our site. We can however stop certain information being accessible via search engines.

If you wish to have your company or director information removed from search engines please contact us with the following information. Continue reading

How often are Company Reports updated?

A bit of a trick question this week.

Once purchased, our Company Credit Reports are static. Whilst they’re correct at the time of purchase, once in your account they do not change. If a company has made changes after you have purchased the report (you will be notified of such changes with a Company Tracker!), you simply need to purchase another report to see the changes reflected.

How long does it take for changes to be reflected?

It normally takes just a few days for something that has been filed to show up on a company report. Just to reiterate, to see any changes you need to purchase a new report.

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Can Company and Director Information be removed from Company Searches Made Simple?

The information contained within our Company Credit Reports and Director reports is sourced directly from Companies House. Because this information is available to the public, we are unable to remove it from our system or make any amendments to it. We can however remove company and director results from search engines.

For further information please see our Company and Director Listing Policy.

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Try before you buy: View samples of our Company Reports

Company Credit Report SamplesWant to know what you’re buying before parting with your cash? Well that’s understandable. It’s for this very reason that we provide samples of all of our Company Credit Reports. This includes:

Snapshot Company Reports
Standard Company Reports
Fully Comprehensive Company Reports
Non Limited Reports
Director Reports

You’ll find the samples dotted throughout the site, but the best place to view them is here:

Products & Pricing

Not only are the samples handy for giving a general idea of what each report looks like, they’re also great for comparing what information is and isn’t included in the report.

Any questions? Let us know via the comments section below.

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Using Company Credit Reports to find out what a company does

Now we know what you’re going to say; “If I want to know what a company does, I’ll just google it”. And that’s fair; however, believe it or not, not all companies have a website. So, for such instances, here’s how you can find what industry a company operates in using a Company Credit Report or Company Document.

When a company files an annual return, it needs to select an SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code. This is a 5 digit code that classifies the industry that the company works in. Here are some examples:

01450: Raising of sheep and goats
30110: Building of ships and floating structures
37000: Sewerage
90030: Artistic creation
99990: Dormant company

A full list of these codes can be found here: SIC codes

If a company has filed an annual return, you can view the code that they have selected in all of our Company Credit Reports. Alternatively you can purchase the annual return Company Document.

Please note that this method only works for companies that have filed an annual return.

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Buying our Company Reports & Director Reports: It’s Confidential

company credit reportsWhen you purchase any of our services (or pick up a free company check), be it a Company Credit Report, Director Report, Company Document or Company Tracker, you can be safe in the knowledge that the transaction is between you and us.

We will never contact companies or directors and inform them that a Report/Document/Tracker has been purchased on them.

If you have any questions, get in touch below via the comments section.

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Subscription Packages: 1 Credit = 1 Service

company credit report subscription packages

If you use multiple credit reports (or any other of our services for that matter), rather than buy them as and when you need them, why not sign up for a Subscription Package?

Here’s how it works…

• You select which of the 6 packages you want (these are split into 2 groups; yearly and monthly)
• Once purchased we add a set amount of credits to your account that must be used up within a set period of time
• 1 credit = any 1 service

It’s that simple.

Not only does signing up save you the bother of entering your card details every time you make a purchase, it can also save you money.

Want more information? See here: Our Subscription Packages

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How To Use Directorship Information To See The Bigger Picture

If a limited company director is, or was, the director of multiple companies we use the terms “Current Directorships” and “Previous Directorships” when listing all the companies that they are (or were) involved with.

You can find a director’s directorship information in the following report types:

  • Standard Company Reports
  • Fully Comprehensive Company Reports
  • Director Reports
  • Continue reading

    Duplicate Director Report Issue

    Unfortunately there are instances when our director search function brings up duplicate entries for one director.

    Why does this happen?

    This occurs when a director has had more than one directorship (existing or previous) and has used a slight variation in their name.

    Continue reading