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Another Premier League season is over. Sigh. To fill the football void between now and the Champions League final (and then the World Cup!), Peter has decided to give us a Premier League review with a company credit report spin.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this special football/credit report. We’ll be running through a selection of unnamed teams assessing how the last year has gone for them and the effect on their (pretend!) credit scores. You then need to guess what team I’m talking about! Let’s get started…

What team is this?

1. This team’s season started with a bang as a new manager got points on the board when the new accounts were filed. Unfortunately this turned out to be a red herring as the accounts turned up high levels of debt accrued by irresponsible American investors and the manager was left with egg on his face – which would eventually lead to his dismissal.

The removal of him as a director had further negative effects on their credit worthiness leaving this a season to forget. Hopefully some investment in the Dutch market this summer will start the cogs turning on a much needed brand tweak.

Start of season credit worthiness: 95/100
End of season credit worthiness: 65/100

What team is this?

2. This old juggernaut had fallen on hard times over the last decade (or two). However a change in management a couple of years ago and some clever investments has seen their credit worthiness sky rocket this season.

Outsiders can only look on with envy at the style of business this company is currently conducting.

Start of season credit worthiness: 75/100
End of season credit worthiness: 90/100

What team is this?

3. This team have been steady risers over the past decade, with their manager turning enough heads to get himself an (ill-fated) very big job.

Many thought that this loss would lead to a decrease in credit worthiness, however, they appointed quickly and cleverly and their new managing director has done a great job. He has borrowed well from other companies and has lead the team to their most successful year for quite some time, displaying plenty of style along the way too.

Start of season credit worthiness: 60/100
End of season credit worthiness: 80/100

What team is this?

4. This team have had a strange few years, and this one has been no different. A change in structure saw some well publicised unrest with the company shareholders, leading to a drop in turnover and subsequently saw a drop in their credit rating.

However, heavy investment in France saw something of a resurgence. Their credit rating climbed steadily over two years, taking them back to where their shareholders believed they should be. This was not to last.

Managerial disciplinary issues completely undermined their season. They ended up coasting like a ship without an udder; in fact the majority of the work force has been on the beach since January. No change at all in this company’s credit rating.

Start of season credit worthiness: 60/100
End of season credit worthiness: 60/100

What team is this?

5. This team have surprised over the past few years. They have come from relative obscurity to find themselves amongst the ‘Business Elite’ in a relatively short space of time. As newcomers, they impressed all with their Spanish (via Denmark) inspired style that was cobbled together on a modest budget. However, there was a feeling that this push up the table had to tail off sooner or later and this year saw that happen.

Stories emerged about unrest in the workforce regarding management styles and this lead to the involuntary resignation of their managing director, decreasing their credit worthiness. At this point the company was almost free falling as both turnover and profits began to slump. One of the workforce were duly promoted to management to steady the ship and try and avoid catastrophe. And steady it he did, leading the company to safety with relatively little time to spare.

Start of season credit worthiness: 50/100
End of season credit worthiness: 45/100

Do you know what teams we’re talking about? Let us know via the comments section below, and while you’re at it, why not submit your own team’s post-season credit report?

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