Director search reports – what can you see?

Director search reports - what can you see?

Doing a company search is a great way to get a look at the competition and assess where you are. A big and important part of company searches is doing a director search – this gives you up to date information on those running the company and making the decisions at the top.

You can make your own director search today and you’ll be able to see a lot of information through our service, which is synced with Companies House. There are many different ways you can approach a company search – but this post will detail exactly what you can see about directors.

So when you search by company name or director name what kind of details can you expect to see about a director?

Director Reports – What’s Inside?

When you’re looking for information you can search for the name of the company, or the director’s name, and you will have a range of options.

If you’re doing a search on a particular director you may want details on the company too – it all depends. We have a range of reports available to choose from – but for director searches the director report product is the most useful.

There are several features that are useful for finding information on a director. These include the following:

  • Past & Present – Our director reports give you past information on an individual’s directorships. So if they have been named as a director for a company you will see details for any current, previous and insolvent companies.
  • Flexible – The director report gives you the ability to search for both private (LTD) company directors and public limited companies (PLC) in the UK, so you can make a search for multiple company types flexibly.
  • Detailed – You can get a good amount of information from the director report that is relevant to the individual in question. This includes personal details like full names, dates of birth and addresses.

Our director report is a flexible product, but it also gives you valuable knowledge and can help business decision making.

Why A Director Report Is Useful

The best way to make a director report useful is to look at the individual’s business history and calculate their credibility as a business person. This is especially useful if you are doing new business with a new partner, as you can assess their reliability.

With a more thorough understanding of the current or past directorships of an individual you are more able to assess the credibility of them and determine which are most suited to your business. This promotes business intelligence as it makes it more likely that you will make the right decision.

Flexible Director Searches & Business Intelligence

All business decisions based on data are much more reliable and will help make your choices more informed. Search for the director you want a report for now and start viewing information in 3 simple steps.

Check out our blog more more great information, especially the ‘Director Search’ section.

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