Company searches – delivering insight on your industry

Company searches - delivering insight on your industry

One of the most important things about good business is information. You need to be able to readily access up to date information on your competitors, clients – and even your own business.

If you’ve been making it as a business, there is a constant lookout for ways to grow. This can be done in a number of data driven ways – but the most important type of company data you can get is the data that is actionable – that way you’re not just making decisions blind.

Even when you’re working within an industry it can be difficult to keep up with what’s happening. In this regard, company searches are an important part of competitor analysis – and industry analysis too.

What Do Searches Tell You About Your Industry?

Well, there are many things. Some of the most important things our company search reports tell you include the following:

  • Finances – How much money is in your industry? Well a good way to find out is to look at how much creditors will lend to your competitors. Look at the biggest competitor you can and check their credit rating and limit – this will give you an insight into what the state of your industry is in terms of financial capital.
  • People – Who runs your competitor? Do you really know? There might be a manager listed on the company website, but director searches go through Companies House so are 100% accurate. Not only can you find the director, but if the company has multiple directors you will be able to find all of them.
  • International – When you operate online, say some kind of web consultancy for example, you compete internationally. When goods are delivered digitally, the problem of geography is eliminated. The international searches we provide tells you about the state of your industry on international scale.

Making the most of the searches is a very important thing to do if you want the right information. Generally speaking, the more detail the greater the potential of the report – and the more insight you can draw.

How Can Searches Help Your Industry

Searches can help your industry in the following ways:

  • Transparency – The coolest thing about company searches is that everyone has the same access. This makes for a great deal of transparency that really can’t be beaten too easily. It provides a very level playing field for your business.
  • Accountability – Sick of the person not being accountable? Well with the right company information you can find out who’s responsible for opening a competing operation across the road – or over the border. You can find accountability across your whole sector.
  • Community – Yes, it’s difficult to be liked in the business community, but that doesn’t stop you from taking part. Company searches can help you find the niche you want, and give you access to it with contact information and addresses that can be used to make contact.

Basically, company searches help you yield valuable information from your fellow competitors – but you can also search your own company and get an idea of how others will perceive your operation within your industry.

Company Searches For Industrial Excellence.

The only point in doing company searches is making use of what you find. So when you do a company search with us make sure that you bear that in mind and turn the information into something that is actionable.

It’s about making yourself better as a company, and company searches help tremendously. Check out our blog and the ‘Company Search’ section for more.

By Alex Novakovic at MadeSimple – Follow Alex on Google+

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