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If you’re ever about to hand over a large amount of cash for a product or service, it’s always wise to do a bit of background checking on the business you’re dealing with first. Likewise, if you run your own business and you’re about to accept a large order, you should check up on the business/individual placing the order to ensure that they can pay. We can help you do this by providing you with free company financial information. In this post we’ll look at how.

First, here’s the financial information we can provide you with (for free):

Cash – Cash in hand, cash at bank, cash at hand and in bank, cash balances

Net Worth – The sum of called up share capital, sundry reserves, P&L account reserve and revaluation reserve = shareholder funds – intangible assets = net worth

Total Liabilities – The sum of total current liabilities and total long term liabilities

Net Assets – Total assets minus total liabilities

To locate this information:

1.Visit Company Search MadeSimple and enter the relevant company name in the company name box, then select ‘Search’.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 12.34.36

2.You will be presented with a list of company names that match your company search, click on the correct company name.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 12.48.01

3.You’ll now be taken directly to the free version of the company credit report. Scroll down to ‘Financials Overview’ – here you’ll find the cash, net worth, total liabilities and net assets information.

Screen shot 2016-05-09 at 12.52.51

4.Interested in finding out more? You then have the option to see all of the following for just £5.99: Key financials, balance sheet, salaries and dividends, cash flow, capital and reserves, ratio, company credit limit, credit risk rating and much more.

Get free company financial information now.

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