The company accounts information we can provide and how you can get it

Do you need financial information on company accounts UK? We can help. Our ‘UK Company’ credit reports include a huge amount of company account information for just £5.99. In this post we’ll look at the information we provide and where you’ll find it in the report.

The ‘UK Company’ report includes the following information (provided the company has filed accounts – don’t worry, we’ll let you know if it hasn’t):

Key Financials

  • Turnover
  • Cost of sales
  • Operating profit
  • Pre-tax profit
  • Taxation
  • Post-tax profit

Balance Sheet

  • Net assets
  • Total assets
  • Total liabilities
  • Cash
  • Other current assets
  • Tangible assets
  • Intangible assets
  • Total fixed assets
  • Total current assets
  • Stock
  • Miscellaneous current assets
  • Total current liabilities
  • Trade creditors
  • Trade debtors
  • Bank overdrafts
  • Other short term finances
  • Miscellaneous current liabilities
  • Other long term finances
  • Total long term liabilities
  • Bank loans and overdrafts and LTL

Salaries and Dividends

  • Wages and salaries
  • Directors emoluments
  • Shareholder funds
  • Dividends payable

Cash Flow

  • Net cashflow from operations
  • Net cashflow before financing
  • New cashflow from financing
  • Increase in cash

Capital Reserves

  • Paid up equity
  • Profit/loss account reserve
  • Sundry reserves
  • Revaluation reserve
  • Net worth


  • Audit fees
  • Retained profits
  • Contingent liability
  • Depreciation
  • Capital employed
  • Export
  • Interest payment
  • Working capital


  • Pre-tax profit margin
  • Current ratio
  • Net working capital
  • Gearing
  • Equitor
  • Credit days
  • Debtor days
  • Liquidity
  • Return on capital employed
  • Return on total assets
  • Current debt ratio
  • Total debt ratio
  • Stock turnover ratio
  • Return on net assets employed

As you can see, that’s a lot of information. To get this > Visit Company Search MadeSimple > Enter the company name in the search box > Click on the correct company name > Select ‘Buy report £5.99’ > complete the payment process > The report will be delivered straight to your account > The company account information can then be found in the ‘Financials’ section of the report.

Would you like to find out more about using company credit reports to make smart business decisions? Visit Company Search MadeSimple for more information.

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