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In this blog post we shall look at how we can provide free limited company information whilst also giving you the opportunity to look further and see more in depth information – all with our company documents service.

Here’s how to find company information for FREE and then buy a Company Document:

From our homepage type in the name of your chosen company  (whoever you want to have a nosy at!):


After that a table will load and it will show information e.g. Number and status. You’ll need to click on the ‘Action’ button ( ‘View Details’):


You will now see a list of the company documents at no cost to you. This timeline can be very handy as it allows to see what the company has filed and when. This can include change of directors, shares, registered office and more:


If you want to be really nosy then all you have to do is press ‘Add to Account’ (if you’re already logged in) or ‘Add to Basket’ (if you’re not) to start the purchase process. We’ll then provide you with a copy of the relevant company document.

Are you ready to look at a company document?

Start snooping now!

This blog post was by Jessica D’Silva 

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