Using Company Searches to fully assess the competition

One of the most important things about maintaining a company is maintaining a healthy assessment of your competition. It’s a fairly basic aspect of good business sense, however it can be a challenge to find the very best information possible in order to accurately make a judgment.

After all is said and done, it’s the reliability and quality of the information on your competitors or partners that gives you the best viewpoint.

The packages provided by Company Search MadeSimple are of a consistent quality, and there is a freedom and flexibility to easily choose the level of detail the company searches go into.

One of the most important company searches available is the Fully Comprehensive Package. This package is one of the most competitive on the market. It includes the following:

    • 5 Years Of Accounts – With 5 years of accounts provided, you can gain insight into how your competitor has dealt with various events in the particular sector that it is in. You can also determine tangible assets, total current assets and bank overdrafts for further detail.
    • Risk Information – With details on credit limits and credit limit scores you can fully assess the risks a company is taking. This is especially useful when finding out whether a company is a sensible option for doing business with.
    • Ownership The Fully Comprehensive report gives you a detailed view of ownership including group structure and whether it is owned through a holding company.

Another significant advantage of this package is that it includes Company Tracking completely free. So you can keep abreast of any changes.

You may also opt for a Snapshot report, which provides you with statutory information and other details to give you a basic idea of the company. For more in depth information the Standard search package provides additional details. There are also products such as Director Reports, which give personal details on directors, and form a vital part of the overall range of company search packages.

The benefits of Fully Comprehensive company searches are substantial, not just when assessing competitors but also when doing business with new partners – with a thorough search you are better placed to determine the risk of doing business with them.

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